Random ass questions



Yep. We have this section. Some of the most random ass stuff people have asked us since starting Team Gratitude! We always want to be fully transparent so here is the most random shit people have asked. Hope it helps and if nothing else it makes for an interesting read!

To start with, you speak up a little. There’s a good chance her hearing isn’t the best these days.

Then you break it down like this, “Well Grandma, just picture a fake but kinda real galaxy with all these planets that you can travel between and experience different cultures and lifestyles.  You can create NFTs, start businesses, and explore this virtual universe.” If she still doesn’t get it, try something like “Grandma, remember how you used to have all these big devices like phones with cords, record players, adding machines, VCRs, drawers full of envelopes and stamps, and big square TVs that weighed more than your refrigerator?  And now all of those things and more are on that little phone that fits in your hand, isn’t that cool? Well, this is like that, only cooler.

Remember when your teeth fell out and you got some dollar bills for them?  Well, let’s say you took those dollar bills and bought some ice cream. Now let’s say that an ice cream cone costs you $1 this week. Then some very powerful old people wearing suits decided that they want to print a lot more dollar bills. That’s called “inflation” and you have as good a chance at stopping that as you do stopping your little sister from annoying you.  Which is precisely zero. So now there are twice as many dollar bills and a single bill is worth only half as much. Now you need $2 to buy your ice cream!  This is what us adults refer to as “some bullshit.”

So since those same suit-wearing old people can’t just snap their fingers and magically make twice as much cryptocurrency, it’s much better…. because you’ll be able to buy more ice cream with it.

KYC means “know your customer.” It refers to a financial institution’s obligation to carry out certain identity and background checks on its clients before allowing them to use its product or platform. It is part of a broader set of measures that regulators around the world use to fight money laundering. In other words, it keeps shady people from doing shady shit.

Our members are not money brokers and our membership platform is not an exchange. We do not provide financial advice, but we can provide you with a general list of exchanges available in your country for you to decide how you can purchase USDT, USDC or BUSD.

Gas fees are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nope. One of the benefits of membership is the blockchain education you’ll receive, provided from beginner level to advanced, all delivered in short videos, articles and podcasts that are easy to understand.

We recommend joining one of our live calls to dive deeper and get your questions answered. If still unclear, Danny will be happy to just make some shit up that sounds really good.   Kidding.  

You can’t touch the internet either but look at you go, just reading this on our website…which is on the internet. Crazy, huh! Most money all over the world for decades now is purely digital. We get a direct deposit into our bank account and use a card to buy stuff.

You can touch the stuff you buy, but all that money is just 1's and 0's changing hands.

Then something major has happened to wipe out all of mankind so you will be too dead to give a shit anyway. The Blockchain can operate over other data transmission mediums such as radio, so technically we don’t HAVE to have the internet to function on the blockchain.

The United States and many other governments have passed laws explaining that the Blockchain is legal. Even if that were to change (which is extremely unlikely), two of the largest and most powerful lobbyists in the US are the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Recording Industry Association of America® (RIAA). They didn’t like people across the entire world stealing every movie and song ever created. They tried to ban BitTorrent. They failed. And so will anyone who messes with blockchain.

the future is here