Bull Shit.


This is total bs.

We get it because we we’re once in your shoes! This can sound like total bull shit if you’ve never heard of it before or the fear of something new. There’s nothing wrong with fear, it’s good for you. As long as you don’t allow it to paralyze you from taking action. That feeling is what makes the largest opportunities so valuable. This is what being on the front end of something huge feels like. You discovering something before the masses is where life-changing opportunities come from. I hope we can answer most if not all of your questions and put to rest that skepticism below.

Nope. A Ponzi scheme promises fat returns that last for a while by stealing from the principal of new depositors to pay the returns to older depositors. It crashes when it doesn’t have enough new depositors to keep up the scam (think Bernie Madoff). These schemes usually pretend to have some kind of fake magic mechanism like a “trading bot” or some other bullshit they come up with to make people believe it’s real.

To be a part of this metaverse we purchase a membership that has daily rewards. We have multiple options for what we choose to do with those rewards, none of which even start with a P, so ponzi is totally out of the question.

It can be should you choose to build a team, but it doesn’t have to be to participate.  You can purchase a membership and earn rewards and never tell a living soul.  Or a non-living soul.  You can totally keep all the benefits of our amazing community to yourself and you’ll be one happy camper. 

However, if once you realize how awesome of an opportunity you’re a part of, you decide to share it with other people (and we all know, sharing is caring) then at that point you’ll accelerate your rewards, making your own awesome opportunity even more awesome.

Now how awesome is that?

Pretty awesome right?

Most people have a bad taste in their mouths about network marketing for a couple of reasons.  One is that most MLM programs require you to purchase something and get other people to purchase it, which can be awkward. “Hey Susie, you should buy some of this makeup to cover that thing on your face. And then keep buying it every month.  And then find some other people and get them to buy it too.” or “Johnny, you’ve got to try these vitamins, they’ll totally help you shrink that big ass you’re lugging around. Then get your wife to buy some. Every month. But maybe leave out the big ass part”. You get the point. The cool thing about being a part of the HyperNation is there are no ongoing subscriptions to buy, you don’t need to purchase a lifetime supply of toilet paper every ninety days to qualify, you’re just sharing a membership that offers world-class education and has rewards that benefit people.

Multiple billionaires own hundreds of millions of dollars of Bitcoin. It’s up 6,500,000x in 12 years. Yep, that’s 650,000,000%. The US government has licensed Bitcoin and the largest markets in the world trade it. People lose money in the stock market too, is that a scam?

the future is here